giovedì 20 giugno 2013

Best time to visit Italy ?

Me@Duomo square - Milan
Hi everyone! this post is about Italy and which is the best time to visit my country and and the big cities that you like so much. First of all for any travel information you may need visit this Travel Site it's a very good one I think. There you can find information and very good advice.
I know that many of you like Italy and when you are planning your trip down here you think that the best time to do it is summer but it is not true! well it can be a good idea if you want to go to Sardinia, Capri, or Sicily but it's the worst thing to do if you want to visit  Rome, Florence, Milan or Naples. 
 It's super hot! in all those cities, sometimes between July and August temperature is around 40 Celsius degree during summer, it's simply awful! do you have an idea of what is like staying in a line for hours under a temperature like that waiting to visit a museum or walking around Vatican City?
I would suggest to plan your trip from April to May or September/October. you will find the best temperature and you will really enjoy your time here.
If you have question feel free to ask! I'm planning to write some post about Milan, the city where I live, to tell you the best places to shop, to eat and to have fun too :)

see ya

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